Jason Maling is a maker, pretender, and facilitator who lives in Melbourne Australia. He constructs compositions of social agency that sit on the edge of comedy and critique. His work explores individual and collective expressions of play through processes of public invitation, exchange and negotiation. Projects happen where they need to, use what they must and generally ask – Where am I, you and we in all this?

Recent times has seen Jason renew his interest in playing doctor and offering the public access to secret organisations. It wasn’t so long ago that he ended three years actually being a secret. His organization skills definitely improved during his time as a data manager however the confusion it caused rivals that of the cultural espionage ring he once established. It has been said that the strains suffered while harnessing artists for public transport during the Commonwealth Games were nothing compared to the bruises earnt playing an alternative to the Football World Cup. It is not clear whether the civic improvement league he recently established to curb inner city violence actually stopped any fights but there is no doubt that convincing others to join him in his endeavors has always made the journey more interesting. Especially during his years remapping cities with sharp sticks, ranting in ruined abbeys and crawling in circles.